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Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards
County Councils Network

Simon is the Director of CCN, responsible for leadership of the organisation and all aspects of CCN’s membership, research, policy and advocacy. Working with the Chairman and leading members Simon has led the transformation of CCN into an influential and respected network which advocates innovative policy solution on the challenges facing local government and the wider public sector.

Previously Simon was Head of Culture, Tourism and 2012 Policy for London Councils responsible for developing London local governments policy and engagement with the Olympic and Paralympic Games, maximising the opportunities and spreading the benefits to councils, communities and individuals across all of London.

Prior to that Simon was at the Local Government Association for 6 years where he lead on Local PSAs, Local Public Service Boards, Localism, Governance and Funding, LSPs and any other 3 letter acronyms. Before the LGA Simon was at Coventry City Council leading their pilot Local PSA and other corporate projects, following a position as special advisor to the Chief Executive of Coventry Contract Services.

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