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Aileen Murphie

Aileen Murphie
Director, DCLG and Local Government Value for Money
National Audit Office

Aileen was appointed Director of Local Government VFM at the NAO in July 2013 and since then has published reports to Parliament on the local economic growth landscape, on Adult Social Care and on assurance to Parliament on local government funding. She has also produced the first report from the NAO to the local government sector: Impact of funding Reductions on Local Government under the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 and reported on the financial sustainability of local authorities during the first 5 years of austerity. Her most recent output Devolving responsibilities cities in England: Wave 1 City Deals looks at the government’s first steps in devolving power and responsibility.

Previously she spent 10 years auditing the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice. She has directed studies into the success of the Home Office’s drive to reduce crime, in particular vehicle crime; into the effectiveness of electronic tagging and examined how well the asylum and immigration systems function. On the Justice side, she reported on the financial management of the department, on electronic monitoring contracts with major contractors; the efficiency and effectiveness of the National Offender Management Service, including the way it runs correctional services and into the criminal justice system. Previous experience includes two years in the Cabinet Office, in the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit and serving as Delivery & Public Sector Reform Coordinator to the Minister for the Cabinet Office.

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