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Digital Minister stresses need for interoperability to ensure continued tech success


The Minister for Culture, Communications, and Creative Industries has spoken about how the UK tech industry and the content it creates is integral to the growth of the digital economy.

Matt Hancock MP, speaking at a Digital Catapult event, said: “In the past Britain’s been famous for coming up with brilliant ideas and not turning them into commercial successes. It always seems to be that we do the patent and then somebody else comes and turns that into reality. Well no longer.”

The country’s technology sector is currently worth over £100 billion and is growing at almost twice the rate as the rest of the economy. The last six months has also seen further commitment for expansion in the UK from digital giants including Facebook, Amazon and Google.

Hancock also stressed the need for industry wide standards, and added: “In terms of the development of standards around data, and around technologies like 5G. Standards are critical for interoperability in the development of tech and we in government do not want to be setting these standards ourselves but we do want to see them thrive.”

GDS Director General Kevin Cunnington and Digital Catapult’s Head of Internet of Things (IoT) Caroline Gorski will be speaking at the Public Sector Show in June.

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