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Departments told to find up to 6% in cuts


Government departments have been asked to achieve cuts of up to 6% as part of plans to save £3.5bn by 2020.

Ahead of next week’s Budget, the Treasury announced Whitehall would begin coming up with ways to contribute to its “efficiency review”.

Departments have already faced significant cuts in their budgets since 2010, but they will now be told to find further savings of between 2% and 6% by 2019-20, the Treasury said, with up to £1bn to be reinvested in “priority areas”. NHS and core schools budgets would not be included, with savings found by councils to be spent on under-pressure social services.

The planned savings are due to be introduced around the time the UK is scheduled to be leaving the EU, and just before the next general election.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury David Gauke said: “There has been considerable progress, but there is further to go and the whole of government is working together to consider how we can live within our means while delivering maximum value for every pound of taxpayers’ money.”

Crown Commercial Service Chief Executive Malcolm Harrison and National Audit Office Comptroller Sir Amyas Morse will be speaking at the Public Sector Show in June.

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